Valentine’s Day gift ideas for mom


Mother’s day isn’t enough to make her realize how precious and great she is who brought us to life, so she needs to be on Valentine’s day celebrations too.

Remind her she’s the best mom in the world and you still remember her sleepless nights to make you sleep, her efforts for your ease & comfort. All the breakfasts, lunches & dinners she made for you need a token of appreciation. 

A gift isn’t enough but it will surely make her day. Don’t worry we going to help you choose a nice, pocket-friendly, super easy to find or DIYs yet extremely alluring & pleasing ideas for picking up a perfect gift for her. Here are some interesting ideas

Nothing can suffice for all the efforts, struggles and time she has put for over the years for us, but yet a small gesture can make her smile for days. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day or whatsoever day that we owe to her.

She deserves to have as many gifts, tokens of love, kisses and smiles as possible each day. Select the best gift for her and make her happy.

A Prayer for mom (A Wood Wall Art or Table Decor)

A personalized prayer/wishes on the left side of the wooden frame & a personal photo of mom with daughter/son having delightful memory. Seeing it will bring as pretty as the picture’s smile on her face. 

Scented Candles

Can’t think of anything else, go for a fragrance no matter if it’s in candles form. Many appealing scents like Lavender, Rosemary, Vanilla, French Freesia are an ideal gift for any mother, whether mom, mother-in-law or Grandma. Because it’s safest yet compassionate too. 

Artificial Carnations flowers

Few branches or a whole bouquet of artificial flowers in vibrant or soothing colors for home decor, which she will keep in her room, on a side table, or coffee table or on the wall, wherever but it’ll remind her, your pleasing gesture. 

Coffee Mug with Funky or Sarcastic notes

If your mom takes sarcasm well, go for a mug with funky lines written over it, which can make her laugh the loudest or smile the brightest. Any sort of mug can be personalized.

Wooden Family Birthdays/Events Reminder Calendar

A latest 2020 calendar with all important events/family birthdays or any memorable dates engraved on wooden boxes with each month. She would love that for sure, as her memory might not serve her right with age. Go for it, make her life easy.

Jewelry (Pendants, Necklace or Rings)

All women unanimously have one weakness and that’s a piece of jewelry no matter which metal is being used. The most expensive one likes Diamond or less expansive one’s Gold or Silver. You’ll have a wide range in it. You should go for it.

Personalized Cutting Board

If she’s a great chef, spending most of her time in Kitchen, a personalized Cutting Board will make her over the moon with a beautiful note over it.

A Spa Gift Box Set

If your mom is working hard for the family & herself she needs a relaxing unwinding day, which mom isn’t btw, give her a Spa Box containing many useful things to pamper herself and feel like a princess again. 

Customized Recipe Card

She’s into cooking or baking, get her a customized Recipe Card to note down her recipes, if you’re a daughter, you might need it in future so get it, girl.
Personalized Wine Opener Set/Bottle Cutter/Aerator
That’s quite handy if she loves drinking, or enjoy her drinks even on holidays or weekends. Bring more joy to her. 

MOM T-shirt

A super cozy, comfy t-shirt for her, she’d love to put on at home, on pretty relaxed days. 

Fox Fur Slippers

Give her soles some rest and gift her a good warm, soft, comfortable slipper. It will do the magic of giving comfort to her foot.

Personalized ‘My Mum’s book for mothers

Get one book made with all memorable pictures/events, incidents written on it with few special notes for her, for any mom is like mother-in-law or granny.

Sleep Mask

An eye mask is best to reduce eye stress & better sleep. She deserves a sound sleep after all hustle-bustle. Aid her to have one.

Traveling Organizer Bag

She won’t tell you but she needs a new organizer bag to carry small handy items, give her a roomy, stylish, trendy bag in vibrant color. She’d adore it.

Self Rolling Smart Yoga Mat

If she’s into fitness, she’d need such mat, lessen her efforts of rolling a mat herself.

Professional Salon Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer

She needs a new hairstyle every day, you would totally love if you give her a blow dryer to make it happen.

Bluetooth Earphones

She won’t ask but need a pair of good earphone because she has to be connected to the whole family. If she also has an amazing taste of music she would fall in love with Bluetooth Earphones.

Light Therapy Lamp

It’s her age to use as soothing & nerve-calming devices/gadgets as possible. It would give her an instant glow. Get her one such device & see the magic.

Vahdam Blush Assorted Teas Gift Box

Freshly harvested tea ingredients from India; Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea, Saffron Masala Chai, and Earl Grey Masala Chai, these teas are as fresh and delicious as you can imagine and will keep your mom refreshed.

Waterproof Airpods Case

No water splashes no falling damage, this little silicon companion will keep your mom’s Airpods safe and in good care.

Roku Premiere

Does your mom love to binge-watch movies and TV shows? With 4K quality 500,000 movies and TV episodes, plus live sports, and news, across over 1,000 channels, this Roku premiere is the ultimate gift for her.

Bath Bombs Gift Set for Bubble & Spa Bath

Not only a sweet-smelling bath experience but also a soft and good looking skin, Fizz and Bubble Bath Fizzy Milkshake in Raspberry Cream guarantees a relaxing bath which your mom deserves the most.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Who doesn’t love polaroid pictures of friends and family to be pasted on a photo wall in their house? This, Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is the perfect and most affordable photography medium for your mom.

Chocolate-Covered Oreos

For your Mom’s sweet tooth, give her a box of freshly made, chocolate-covered Oreos.

Mini Artificial Succulent Plants Potted

Help your mom in her interior décor with these succulent planters that make a great decorative addition to any window or a room.




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