Lycored is a global leader in all-natural, lycopene-based color and taste-enhancing ingredients for food, beverages and supplements.

Super-stable, vibrant colors from super tomatoes

Made from natural lycopene extracted from the company’s own custom-bred tomatoes, Lycored’s colorants are proven by science and tested for stability across multiple applications including flavored waters, UHT treated dairy drinks, juice-based beverages, hard coated confectionery, cheeses, fruit preparations and syrups, yogurts, fortified gummies and surimi seafood.

Centered on quality and stability, every member of Lycored’s cast of colors is focused on delivering a stellar performance at every stage, from process to consumer.

From vibrant reds to brilliant yellows and bright oranges, Lycored offers a range of colors from its cultured tomatoes, as well as from its own strain of Blakeslea Trispora fungus. All are pH-neutral and highly stable under a wide range of light and high-temperature conditions. The whole range is fully traceable – backward integrated, non-GMO, allergen free, Kosher and Halal, offering an array of opportunity across vegan and clean label focused opportunities.

Colorful names, memorable performances

Lycored recently unveiled a series of new, evocative names to identify its high-performance cast of colors from nature, all featuring memorable shade names like SteadfastScarlet™, ConstantCrimson, OrangeOvation,™ GoldHold and StellarYellow™.

Every color in the company’s palette has a new name to better reflect each hue’s vibrancy and stability.

Tough coloring and processing challenges accepted

Lycored’s color portfolio is both proven and versatile and can offer solutions to help meet food processors’ toughest color, taste and shelf-life challenges. Lycored’s colorants can also help food and beverage engineers achieve clean-label attributes and better overall processing stability with few color compromises.

For example, ConstantCrimson A and ResoluteRuby A were shown to perform exceptionally well in colored, flavored milk drinks. Lycored subjected both formulations to four different UHT process technologies: steam injection, plate, tubular and infusion without impacting color or affecting flavor. Additionally, they withstood harsh accelerated shelf life studies, which highlights their capability to survive in chiller cabinet conditions with no change visible to the naked eye.

Lycored’s colors also delivered excellent performance in sparkling water containing strawberry-flavored syrup. With over a 12-month shelf life and a broad range of shades true to typical fruit varieties, these colors are ideal for flavored waters or carbonates demonstrating resistance to fading, ringing and lack of sedimentation. While a typical shelf life in this category is 6 – 9 months, this 12 month stability can give beverage manufacturers an additional edge of a longer time on shelf with high quality visual appeal for their product.

High-performance, all natural umami flavor

Lycored is also featuring SANTE, the company’s proven umami taste enhancer that provides a high concentration of natural compounds for a naturally delicious taste and a cleaner label formulation in thanks to a reduction in levels of less attractive ingredients such as salt, MSG and yeast. Lycored’s analysis showed the all-natural tomato-based alternative to sodium additives offers significant levels of sugar and salt reduction – above 40% in many cases, and in some cases allowing 100% reduction of any added salt or sugar, while creating the foundation of great taste in broths as a base for many other recipes.

Partnering with culinology pioneer Charlie Baggs​

Lycored is also partnering with top US chef Charlie Baggs’ Culinary Innovations Inc to demonstrate SANTE’s taste-enhancing versatility and flavor, as well as the power of the product to make recipes healthier by enhancing natural umami and kokumi characteristics.

For those attending IFT and other shows, Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations will be preparing contemporary takes on international recipes with SANTE, including flavorsome vegetable and chicken broth fusions, orange Thai curry and rice with vegetables.

A culinology pioneer, Baggs continues to develop new recipe concepts that showcase SANTE, and demonstrate how Lycored’s advanced food ingredient science is making great food and drinks healthier while looking and tasting better.

Pop by and see Lycored in New Orleans, at #801 or schedule a meeting here:

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